Matcha Tea: What Is It, And How To Use It

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Matcha Tea: What Is It, And How To Use It

Matcha originates in Japan. It is one of the trendiest drink nowadays. There are thousands of recipes, green drinks like the last elixir. Is this green powder as beneficial as they say? What does it taste like?

What is Matcha

Matcha is a powdered green tea, which became famous thanks to the Zen monks of Japan. Its great tasting leaves “Camellia Sinensis” are grown in the shade. For this reason, the increase in chlorophyll and antioxidant levels. Hence, its intense green color. The leaves are harvested and then steamed and left to dry, to later grind in a stone mill. The result is a wonderful dark green powder.

To drink it, it is necessary to beat it well in hot water. The Japanese use a brush made of bamboo to integrate the Matcha tea well with the hot water. It is known as “Chasen”. Shake it vigorously in a W shape until foam is formed.

The March tea powder is prepared in a ceramic bowl called “Chawan”, using an elongated bamboo measuring spoon called “Chashaku” in Japan. All these utensils are used in the famous Japanese Chanoyu ritual- a ceremony so ancient and respected by the host to his guests.

Matcha tea is ideally diluted in water and rich foam. If you do not have it, you can use another type of kitchen brush or even one of those little milk foamers to dilute it, but you cannot miss Chasen for anything you are fond of matcha tea. Rinse the Chawan with hot water and wait for it to dry.

The origin of Matcha

The word Matcha comes from Chinese, later adopted in Japan, and means powdered Matcha powder. Zen monks drank Matcha Tea to stay alert during their long days of meditation, increasing their concentration levels without the jitters of other drinks. Unlike infusions, in this Japanese tea, the whole leaf is ingested. It stimulates the senses and helps fight cholesterol.

Matcha Tea can be taken both hot and cold. It can also be added to smoothies, juices or pastry preparations, cakes, ice creams and prepared in hot or cold infusions. Every day more people become Matcha lovers, choosing a cup of Matcha over other green teas. Find out why.

How to prepare matcha tea? Hot or cold and with or without milk (matcha latte)

If you like infusions, you will like to know how to prepare a green tea to enjoy all its flavor.

Serve and taste:

Hot or cold? With or without milk? If you like Matcha tea, you will love to drink it in any way, depending on the time of year. Enjoy that quiet moment with your cup of freshly brewed matcha tea!


The best advice is to use a quality matcha tea. Also, if you get a good matcha tea and follow the step by step to prepare it, we assure you will get a tea that does not need any type of sugar or sweetener.

Trick to get more foam: put a small strainer on top of the bowl and pour the matcha tea over it to sift. Add only a tablespoon of boiling water and beat quickly with the Chasen with that movement in the shape of a W or M, never circular. Then add water to reach 150 ml and beat again for a few seconds vigorously.