CRIO BRU: Cocoa Ghana Light Roast, 10 oz

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CRIO BRU: Cocoa Ghana Light Roast, 10 oz


  • Mild Light Roast
  • No Additives
  • Brew it Like Coffee
  • Honest Energy™
  • Enjoy Hot or Cold
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Ghana Light Roast Smooth and Chocolatey Flavor Natural chocolate flavour and a delectably silky texture with a flavour of the earth. Add your preferred creamer or sweetener, if desired. This cacao coffee substitute aromas and tastes like unsweetened, pure dark chocolate when it is roasted, ground, and brewed like coffee.

Brew it Like Coffee – Simply use a standard auto-drip machine with a permanent gold filter (not paper), or a French Press. Drink it “black” with nothing added or experiment with your favorite creamer and sweetener.
Enjoy Hot or Cold – Crio Bru makes a comforting warm drink in the winter and a refreshing iced beverage in the summer.

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Weight 0.67 kg
Dimensions 2.7 × 3.75 × 5.7 cm


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