POSTUM: Postum Cocoa Blend, 8 oz

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POSTUM: Postum Cocoa Blend, 8 oz


  • 100% Natural
  • Naturally Caffeine Free
  • Vegan
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Postum is the perfect family alternative to coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Its rich savory roasted flavor is similar to coffee, but with none of the caffeine, acidity, or bitterness. It is the delectable coffee substitute made with toasted wheat germ as well as hearty molasses, and it continues to be naturally devoid of caffeine and smooth tasting—free of acidity or bitterness. We use a healthful blend of ingredients to create a wonderful drink that the whole family can enjoy—anytime!
You don’t have to be concerned about insomnia or gastrointestinal problems. It makes sense for those who are concerned about their health and for those who must adhere to dietary, medical, or religious restrictions. America’s all-time favourite anytime liquor only requires one teaspoon of Postum mixed into eight ounces of hot or cold water.

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