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The following statements as provided by the Company ‘Sugarcane Coffee and Tea’, under the trademark Sugarcane Coffee and Tea™, and the registered trademark Sugarcane Coffee and Tea®, are a binding agreement between the Company and the User. The statements are provided within the Privacy Policy as well as Terms and Conditions, extend for all activities of the Company regarding its online activity or any online activity of the User on the Site – or website – located at sugarcanecoffee.com, and online activities related to the Site, its affiliates, agents, employees, and other representatives of the Company.

Online activities of employees or third parties are only viable if the individual or entity represents the Company at that particular time and place, and do not apply for personal online activities of employees, agents, entities, or third parties. All statements are binding forthwith and hereafter, and apply in perpetuity to all agreeing parties until agreement is explicitly denied via either a disclaimer or a written contract that would otherwise determine deniability from the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. The User, in an event denies the following terms or statements, can only do so once all orders, payments and ongoing services are cleared and provided in full. Once the User dines contractual agreement, the User forgoes any right to a refund, any right to being provided customer service, and any and all assistance regarding the products, as well as their probable risk of use.

Terms and Conditions – Agreement Clause

By continuing to use the Site, the User agrees to the Terms and Conditions provided on the Site in full, and agrees to all statements regarding use, service, and other conditions for using the Site. If the User does not wish to agree to the Terms and Conditions, the only remaining course of action is to immediately cease any further use of the Site.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

The Company reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions without any prior notice, nor is it responsible to ensure that the User has viewed the changes. However, any changes, once implemented, will be given a grace period of 14 days (two weeks) for any remaining deliveries to be completed, orders to be cleared, and the User to be given time to understand and read the revised terms. If the User has an order underway, or request access to information within this grace period, then the new Terms and Conditions statements will apply if the order cannot be completed within the grace period. If the order can be shipped within the 14-day gap, the legacy terms will still be in effect. However, any subsequent service offered, such as assistance with the product, will be handled via the new and revised statements.

If the User disagrees with any of the statements after an order has already been placed, the order will be shipped (unless cancelled on time) and the Company will cease any communication with the User. Any further contact from the User or the Company will be deemed as first contact, and the User will be handled as a new customer. The User is assumed to have understood that they (the User(s)) forgoes any rights to full service, and that the Company cannot guarantee full service, if the Terms and Conditions are not accepted in full.

License and Material on the Site

All material, content, images, graphical images, text, products, product descriptions, trademarks, trade dress, trade names, and copyright material is the intellectual property of the Company unless otherwise state or mentioned. All intellectual property rights are reserved under the State of California and the judicial regulations of the United States. The User is prohibited from any distribution, resale, republish, sell, rent, or sub-license of materials or products present on the Site.

Content Liability

Any information on the Site is provided ‘as is,’ and is not guaranteed to be representable of any real world information. Any loss, loss of income, damages, injuries, or personal injuries caused as a direct or indirect result of using or utilizing information on the Site is not liable of the Company, and no responsibility will be assumed.

Content Disclaimer

The Company reserves the right to change, update, edit, or revise any content on the Site, including product descriptors and descriptions, product illustrations, images, and representative images. The Company does not guarantee that the product displayed on the Site will be reflective of the product displayed in person, due to reasons such as different displays, differing colors, different lighting, etc. In addition, the Company does not guarantee that any information is up to date, and the Company is not obligated to keep any information updated apart from the Company’s discretion.

Item Pricing

The price for any item can change due to a number of circumstances, and the Company reserves the right to change prices of any product without prior notice to the User. Any price changed after a User has already made a purchase will not be applied, neither for price increase or decrease.

Shipment and Payment(s)

Deliveries will be conducted once payment for a product is received in full, and the contract of providing the product will end once ten (10) days have passed after the User is in possession of said product.

Privacy Policy

For more information on the Privacy Policy, visit sugarcanecoffee.com/privacy-policy, which is available in full on the Site. The Terms and Conditions were last updated on December 2020.