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What is Chai Tea? Where Is It From

Chai Tea originated in India in the 19th century when the English began to grow tea to compete with China’s tea monopoly. It was then the Indians, so fond of spices, began to mix the tea leaves with different spices. Thus arose the Chai Tea or Masala Chai (as it is also known in some places). Therefore, Chai Tea is a mixture of different types of spices with tea. These spices can be mixed with all types of tea, but the most popular is mixing it with Black tea, usually with Assam teas.

 We love Chai Tea in all its forms. And, you?

Have you tried it? There are as many different types of Chai as people make it. Some can add more cinnamon, others more cloves, cardamom or ginger. Others can infuse the Chai with milk, just water or add a cloud of milk once it has already infused. Nowadays, you can find a very balanced mix of spices and black tea: with a spicy and sweet touch due to cinnamon.

Chai and its variations

Chai Tea mixed with Black Tea is considered a revitalizing tea, which provides energy and vitality. It also favors concentration and memory. Spices are also digestive and help prevent and cure colds. Chai tea can also help in cases of gastroenteritis as it is an effective astringent.

Are you a regular drinker? Are you addicted to chai tea?

Every day chai tea climbs positions in the ranking of the drinks preferred by many. It is consumed both in the cold months and in the hot months. It is sipped at home, at work, out for dinner or a snack, and on any occasion.

Chai and summer love!

Now that summer is approaching, the days of relaxation and the leisurely moments you deserve is the perfect occasion to enter the world of chai tea promises you.

Did you know that Chai is the national drink in India and is always offered hospitality to guests?

Until the arrival of the British in the mid-nineteenth century promoted tea consumption for pleasure, this drink had medicinal use. It is considered an Ayurvedic drink. The main ingredient in Chai is not tea, but a rich combination of spices.

 Do you know the meaning of the word “Chai”?

“Chai” means “tea” in Hindi, which is the native language of India and one of the official languages ​​in that country. But what we call chai tea in India and Pakistan is known as Masala Chai because “masala” means “mixture” and refers to the mixture of spices used to prepare Chai.

 Are you hungry but it is not time to eat? Have a chai!

It is ideal for regulating the appetite between meals. It is a good remedy for halitosis. Did you know that tea and spices are antiseptic and that they fight bacteria that cause bad breath? And, if you’ve eaten much, a cup of Chai is the best option to stimulate digestion. It will also help improve your immune response, among other benefits.